Click2pay – Keep your online transactions secure

After opening an account at Click2pay, a person would require connecting the account with his credit card or bank account. This payment option differs from e-wallet payment options as it does not need a person to fund his account before making depositing an amount of sum at a selected poker room. Click2pay delivers funds to a player’s poker account. Then, it sends a request of an appropriate cash amount from the bank account. Following this operation, Click2pay covers a player’s deposits for a few days while the credit card or the back account sends in the required funds.

According to online casino guide, when a player deposits cash money into his account, he must visit his poker room and click on the Click2pay option. The player will then be asked to provide his account ID and Click2pay Pan (a 16 digit number). After submitting the necessary details, the poker room would send a request to access the funds from Click2pay. The latter would deliver the funds immediately after receiving the request.

When a player requires taking out funds from his poker account, he simply needs to log into his poker room and submit the request for withdrawal of money to the cashier. Click2pay will receive the money as soon as the poker room sends them back.

Usually, deposits made through credit cards take a short time to reach the Click2pay account. Such transactions are charged at a 3% of service charge. When it comes to deposits made through bank accounts and online banking, transactions can take up some time of around 3 working days. Such transactions are free of any charge.

Click2pay offers a highly safe and secure payment option to people who are interested in playing online casino games. Sensitive information like bank account details, Click2pay account details, etc. is taken well care of by the company. The company utilizes 128-bit encryption while transferring information to make sure there is no interfering entity can access it. Click2pay security is very rigid and it involves relentless monitoring of their system to avoid any possible deceitful activity.

Click2pay registration and transaction methods are totally free from hassles. A person can enjoy online casino games with a relaxed mind. The company has a customer support system available 24*7 for both customers and prospective customers. Hence, Click2pay can rightly be called one of the best online payment options that are available in current time. This payment option has a clean reputation of providing an easy funding to interactive casinos, thereby providing a hassle-free source of entertainment.